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Things You Should Never Clean with a Swiffer

Oops—now we know for next time!

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Cleaning with a Swiffer

Swiffer products may be convenient and easy to use, but cleaning experts say they’re not safe for all surfaces. From marble surfaces to wooden decks, there are a few areas where you shouldn’t be using a Swiffer to clean. Here’s what to use instead. If you’re interested in buying the cleaning products professional cleaners always buy, Black Friday is just around the corner with incredible deals on cleaning products. (And if you don’t already own a Swiffer, you should snag one—it’s one of the best-reviewed cleaning products on Amazon!)

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Marble surfaces

Remember your chemistry lesson on pH balances, acids, and alkalines? There are acidic foods like cheese and beef, and alkaline ones like avocados and lettuce. The same is true of cleaners, says Carol Smith, the owner of Hire A Maid. “Because the Swiffer Wet Jet has a pH level of ten, making it alkaline, it isn’t suited for any delicate surfaces like marble that require a neutral six to eight pH cleaner,” she explains.

What to use instead: “We really like the Weiman line of products and use their Laminate & Stone Floor Cleaner for marble,” says Smith.

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