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Janitorial Contracts

Janitorial services focus on weekly cleaning to maintain ongoing cleanliness in commercial or domestic spaces. Our cleaning technicians and quality control coordinators hold certification and licensure for the effective use of cleaning products and innovative and effective cleaning equipment that offer results for a cleaner and safer work or living environment. We offer customize cleaning schedules to meet your needs.

Floor and Building Restoration

Our certified and trained building technicians restore all floor constructs, namely timber (natural and manmade wood), stone (vinyl, ceramic, clay, terrazzo, natural stone), concrete and carpeted floors. We can repair almost any damages from pet stains, water stains, wear and tear, water or fire damages. We offer sanding, sealing, finishing, stripping, buffing, scrubbing, grinding, rust removal and grout cleaning. We provide refinish work on vertical structures as well.

Water Damage Restoration

We offer a flood clean up service on a daily basis using technological cleaning systems with modern technological extraction devices and air movers that deliver the cleanest results incredibly fast and more efficient than other traditional methods. Whether the damage was caused by natural disasters or accidents, our trained cleaning technicians are able to bring normalcy to your property in the shortest time to ensure little interruptions to your operations.

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing services are done with high powered equipment with engines that run either on gas or electricity, with high-pressure water sprayers to remove mold, grime, dust, mud, debris, paint peels and dirt from surfaces and objects. We pressure wash building exteriors, roof tops, guttering, concrete surfaces and heavy duty vehicles. Our trained cleaning technicians are oriented to evaluate the property to ensure there is no water damage during the service.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Fires can be especially devastating to your home or business and loss or damage is not only incurred with fire and smoke, but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. Lewis Industries Fire Restoration Certified Professionals can clean up and restore your building to pre-fire condition. Our specialist can remove the pervasive smoke odor from the entire building and deep clean soot from wall structure surfaces, upholstery and carpet.

Microbial Remediation (Mold and Mildew)

Assessing mold growth involves more than just looking at what’s visibly growing on the walls or in a corner, and cleaning with untrained personnel. Our trained mold remediation team can assist you in identifying where the moisture comes from and how it got into the building, because behind all mold growth there is a moisture or water problem. Potential liability and health issues from mold can be dramatically decreased by procuring our services or products.

Infection Disease Control

OSHA and GBAC regulations require that blood and other biohazards be cleaned, sanitized, and disposed of by trained cleaning professionals using approved cleaning products, equipment and tools. When we respond to a scene or a contaminated area, we provide trained and certified technicians and the equipment necessary for a thorough job, and to keep everyone safe that will secure the area of any health-threats.

Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning

Our specialty cleaning trained employees provide you with a professional upholstery cleaning that extends the life of your furniture and furnishings. The environmentally friendly products we use are safe and healthy for kids and pets and do not cause any damage or discoloration to the fabric or material. Our innovative upholstery cleaning equipment will extract dirt and dry your furniture and furnishes in short time.

Post Construction Clean Up

Unlike typical janitorial services that focus on weekly cleaning to maintain ongoing cleanliness, post construction cleaning is designed to remove all construction type materials, stains and residues from installing fixtures and furnishings, and this requires trained professionals who understand the cleaning solutions, tools and equipment to do so. We deep clean from ceiling to flooring to ensure your building is ready for use.

Steam Cleaning

Since water and heat are the only elements required for steam cleaning, cleaning and sanitizing your furniture and furnishes in your home, office, commercial space, warehouses, bakery or vehicles has never been easier and more environmentally friendly. Not only does Lewis Industries steam cleaners help to eliminate chemical residue in your home or business, making it a safer place, it helps the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals that get washed down the drain and recycled back into our water supply. Our steam cleaning service also involves using steam for cleaning in domestic flooring and household dirt removal, and industrial uses in removing grease and dirt from engines. We also steam clean your upholstery such as drapes, curtains, chairs, sofas, mattresses, carpets, rugs and interior of auto mobiles; and metal surfaces such as baking and cooking utensils.

Cleaning Protocol Training

The cleaning process defined; Common myths of cleaning that causes health hazards; Cleaning different types of floor constructs, wall partitions and furnishings; Guidelines on precautions for cleaning and disinfecting; Safe use of chemicals in the workplace; Differentiating janitorial services from deep cleaning methodologies; Washroom sanitization systems

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We Use EPA Approved Disinfectants

We use EPA LIST N DISINFECTANT Proven efficacy against emerging viral pathogens and human coronavirus, including COVID-19. For use in homes, hospitals, and commercial facilities.