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5 Things You Need to Clean Every Week

Office cleaning keeps teams healthy, productive, happy and motivated. And thankfully, most businesses are doing it on a regular basis.

We’ve done plenty of posts about keeping to a cleaning rota and the best office cleaning schedule, but some things need a little extra attention – especially when there are some parts of an office people always forget to clean!

So, in this post, let’s put aside all the daily tasks, monthly measures and deep cleaning duties – and focus on 5 small but not insignificant weekly jobs that every designated office cleaner needs to do.

1. Desk phones

As we revealed in a previous post, What are the DIRTIEST Areas in the Office?, the phone on your desk is one of the gnarliest, grimiest, most germ-ridden surfaces you can imagine. Your desk is home to 400 times as many germs as a toilet seat, with the majority concentrated on your phone. And that thing goes on your face!

This is why it’s so important to give your phone a weekly clean. But first, make sure to unplug the phone so you don’t accidentally order a pizza, dial 999 – or bug the big boss with a totally unnecessary nuisance call!

After that, cleaning a desk phone is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Wipe the earpiece, mouthpiece and the handle with antibac spray and a clean cloth.

Then, give the buttons and surfaces a good clean with some antibac – picking out any caked in makeup or grime with a toothpick.

Don’t forget the bits that hold the receiver in place, and run your antibac cloth over the coily cable that connects the handset to the base.

Read our in-depth guide to cleaning office phones

2. The bins (and their surroundings)

Emptying the bins is a weekly affair for most, if not daily. But what about cleaning out all the dried up gunk and stinky bin juice that leaks out over time? Someone’s got to do it, otherwise you’re in for a stinky, fly-filled summer!

Chances are, you haven’t paid much attention to the walls behind your bins either. Or as we call them, the “basketball backboards” – where hastily tossed tea bags and apple cores are bounced into the open bin. No three-pointers here…

If your bins are generally clean, then a weekly wipe down on the inside with a good surface cleaner should keep smells and gunk from building up. Give the wall behind the bin a good wipe, too – and don’t forget the floor surrounding the bin as well.

3. The fridge

We all need a fridge at work – somewhere to keep the milk for teas and coffees, somewhere to keep lunches, and somewhere to keep those Friday beers and mocktails nice and cold.

But it’s also where all those things go to be forgotten about, rotting and moulding their way into oblivion. Yuck.

It can be a complex task if you let it get out of hand, so it’s totally worth checking the fridge weekly for gone off items, spillages, crumbs and anything else that might cause illness or damage to the fridge.

We’ve covered two separate aspects of this in our posts How to Keep the Office Fridge Fresh and Clean and This is the PERFECT Office Fridge Clean-Out Email to Send to Staff – which will help you navigate the physical and the social aspects of cleaning out the office fridge.

4. Under desks

Wiping the tops of desks down is all well and good, but what about the areas you can’t see? The stuff by everyone’s feet – feet which track in mud and dirt, and all sorts.

It’s a real dust trap, and because nobody really looks under there, it often gets overlooked. But it’s just as important as anywhere else when it comes to cleaning, and who knows what you’ll find under there when you look… Old food crumbs, mud squashed into carpet, piles of dust surrounding cables – it’s worth giving this spot a weekly clean, to prevent little bits turning into big problems.

5. Windows (on the inside)

If you’re in a shared office or a block, you’ll probably have window cleaners working the outsides of your windows – but the insides can get grubby with fingerprints (or faceprints, we’ve all done it) and dust, making them lose their sheen and clarity.

It’s funny how often we all forget that windows have two sides, but thankfully cleaning the inside of windows is nice and simple. Window cleaning spray and a cloth does a fine job – but for a more professional finish, a squeegee and warm soapy water will make all the difference!

Pro tip – add a small squirt of washing up liquid to the mix as it helps to cut through grease caused by fingers (or faces).

Learn more about office window cleaning

Need some help with your weekly office cleaning? Talk to us – and get those seldom cleaned places sparkling once again, with regular cleans that work around you.

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